Photo by Nicole Corcoran

Ignatius of Loyola, co-founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, lived through life-changing experiences affecting his life and subsequently the life of generations after him. He is the author of the Spiritual Exercises, his legacy to the Jesuits and to us all. …

Photo by Nicole Corcoran

In our age of transferable skills, enterprise of the self and self-branding, philosophy has been relegated to an academic role. People read philosophy, study philosophy but rarely practice philosophy.

Philosophy means love of wisdom, not the study of wisdom. Unlike other disciplines like psychology or sociology, whose stem includes the…

… and of things secret, truly I am the silence… (Bhagavad Gita x.38)

Performer Sharon Bezzina is part of the research project: ‘Simone Weil: Performance as Nothingness’. (Photography: Nicole Corcoran)

How to say this now? Like a clown showing misery and sadness painted on her face but possibly sporting a rather well-adjusted soul, a serene heart and indeed a generally happy attitude beneath; Simone Weil’s is a…

Tyrone Grima

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